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Discovering Paris’ Restaurants

December 31, 2012 @ 10:41 am
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Paris France restaurants

La Grande Cascade, Paris

The best gift of the season awaits you – a brand new year to live, love, travel….and dine. France Daily Photo has enjoyed ‘chatting’ with you, sharing personal anecdotes and offering tips for travel throughout the year.

Now is the perfect opportunity to introduce an excellent website for Paris visitors in search of dining options. There are so MANY excellent choices of every atmosphere, price and cuisine; and Paris Best Restaurants provides an exceptional guide. Easy to use. Comprehensive. Reservations and ‘coupons’ available.

The team at Paris Best Restaurants includes food addicts, who aim to provide visitors with up-to-date information about the best restaurants in Paris.  They are independent, with no commercial relationship with the restaurants they list; and as important, they are well organized with listings by categories of cuisine and arrondissements. Categories run the gamut from Michelin-starred and Brunch options to Terrace & Garden and Exceptional Views.

Beyond helpful menus and prices, they include reviews that simply add more credibility to help you make your choice. Let’s look at a couple of listings.

Paris France restaurants, Montmartre

Chez la Mere Catherine, Place du Tertre

In the 16th arrondissement, La Grande Cascade is a rather fascinating choice in an ancient hunting lodge dating back to Napoléon III. Discreetly poised in Bois de Boulogne, the restaurant is especially nice on sunny days on the pleasant terrace. The gastronomic cuisine from chef Frédéric Robert includes a la carte offerings like Roasted Filet de Saint-Pierre with almond, summer truffles in ravioli, butter à la parisienne and far more. Definitely haute cuisine Française! 

One of Paris’ most historic – and famous – restaurants overlooks the Place du Tertre on Montmartre. Founded by Catherine Lemoine in 1793, Chez la Mère Catherine is warm and inviting with traditional and rustic antiques. The ever-evolving typical French cuisine includes Honey Confit of Suckling Pig, Ginger Grilled Frog’s Legs and Sea bream with Mango Coulis. Cabaret singers entertain every evening, while you enjoy your dinner in the romantic atmosphere of the Montmartre village.

Bonne Année et Bonne Santé!

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New Year’s Soirée?

December 30, 2012 @ 11:01 am
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Dalloyau Paris

Charlotte truffée d’asperges vertes

Let’s carry on today with a few more mouth-watering creations from Dalloyau – Paris.  Planning a little New Year’s soirée?  The renowned gourmet house has the answer!

Paris France

Grenadin de Veau d’un Noël d’antan





Dalloyau Paris France

Delice du chef – La fraîcheur des framboises fraîches, la douceur d’une crème
onctueuse à la gousse de vanille Bourbon de Madagascar




Across from Luxembourg gardens, take a seat by the window and allow one of Dallayou’s hospitable servers deliver your café and tarte … and take your picture to capture the moment!

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While visions of Sugar Plums ….

December 29, 2012 @ 11:01 am
posted by Sandra Sheridan
buche du noel

Bucchisme – rather a lovely twist on the traditional Christmas ‘log’

Some things in life require few words – like the magnificent gourmet creations at Dalloyau Paris. No, the simple word ‘gourmet’ won’t suffice. Royal orchestrations? Je ne sais pas! With nine shops and tearooms in Paris alone, the Dalloyau artisans have been creating masterful pastries, chocolates and prepared meals since 1682.

Imagine Lollipops Saint-Honoré or Lemon-Raspberry Swirl, Saint-Jacques and Summer Vegetables urchin shell. Each night the chefs and confectioners must dream of expansive kitchens and well-stocked pantries.dalloyau logo

Dalloyau is currently taking orders for berry-topped, almond creamy Galettes des Rois. Now, that would make a rather stunning start to the New Year!

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Dallayou Paris France

Divine Cendrillon – Cinderella!

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Three French Wine Gifts – Part II

December 20, 2012 @ 1:01 am
posted by Sandra Sheridan
Dry white French wines

Domaine Lafage in the terroir Catalan

“He who knows how to taste will never drink wine anymore, but will taste its secrets.”
Salvador Dali

Authentic vintners seem to roll many qualities into their care of the land. Domaine Lafage describes its’ role as “Sculptors of Vines – in pursuit of a concentrated substance. Whatever their talents or choice of words, the end results of their efforts are revered and respected.

About the Domaine

As spring draws to an end, and summer peeks around the corner; the Lafage Estate vineyards reveal an excess of leaves and grape clusters, that begin to drop to ground level. To control their production, the Lafage team thins the vines in a delicate ‘operation’ that requires meticulous care. Their goal? To guarantee ripe fruit and a strong, balanced wine with a tropical alcohol blend.

Southern France dry white wine

Leaf thinning in the vineyards

The land itself plays an important role. The Lafage Estate stretches among heath and pine over a little more than 200 hectares (nearly 500 acres). Overlooking the 138-hectare cultivated vineyards is the ancient stone farmhouse, set along the road between Perpignan and the shores of the Mediterranean.The Domaine enjoys spectacular views of the Albères, an extension of the Pyrenees mountains that form a natural border between France and Spain in a region Lafage calls “the terroir Catalane.

To the hillside lay of the land, nature combines southern sunlight and a touch of briny sea breeze to enhance the novelty of the white Grenache, Muscat and Shiraz varietals. And much to the delight of those French travelers who enjoy tastings, the Estate entrance includes a boutique for tasting and learning about the Domaine’s wine offerings.

Lafage Wine Collection

Lafage Cote Est Wines

One of the most sought-after winemakers of Europe, Jean-Marc Lafage, offers his expertise with Southern European varietals to several top French and Spanish estates; but his best work centers around the Lafage Estate. The vineyards cover the eastern side of the hill with greater exposure to the morning sunlight and the benefit of cooler temperatures in the afternoon – parfait for fresh wine!

Today’s Dry White Wine Gift Suggestion

Our recommendation today is for the flavorful Domaine Lafage, “Cote Est” Blanc, 2011, a French wine (bien sur!) imported by Eric Solomon and part of the Appellation Vin De Pays Des Côtes. We prefer dry white wines, and this one is an ideal blend – bursting with citrus, minerals and with a ripe yellow peach and apricot character. The blend includes 45% Grenache Blanc, 48% Grenache Gris and 7% Macabeo varietals, fermented and aged in stainless steel to preserve the fresh, fruit flavors and aromas. It’s the ideal choice for seafood dishes and chicken or pork.

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