Beautiful Scenes of France

Île de Ré, France

A field of sunflowers on Île de Ré

An ongoing marketing project has kept me from my favorite passion – writing about France; but we are grateful for the work.

Now, I’ll place the spotlight on a dear friend from Paris, who takes such care in capturing beautiful and unusual sights with his camera.  One amusing shot was of me taking a picture of him taking a picture of me in front of the Chambord castle.  (Perhaps you had to be there?)



Today he provides two beautiful shots.  He and his wife often visit the family cottage on the Île de Réoff the Northwest coast near La Rochelle.  It is as if the sunflowers have gathered to pose for him.

Traditional Auvergne kitchen in France

Warm, traditional Auvergne kitchen

The other was taken in the central massif area of Auvergne, simply a very charming and traditional kitchen.  I’ve never seen as many beautiful old tables, as those I have seen in France.  And what can match gathering around an old burnished table with friends, wine and naturally a little bread, cheese and olives.  I’d love to have the table AND lamp shown here!

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