Rambouillet cottage

A Cottage Near Paris? Mais Oui!

Rambouillet cottage

Inviting rental in Epernon

I love looking at properties in France.  Whether I have a firm target date for an apartment in Paris or a vague desire for a village-like cottage, I immerse myself in the appealing architecture and decorative details.

I imagine life in that village.  I imagine weekend jaunts to Paris.  I imagine coffee or a glass of wine overlooking the lush fields.  I imagine walking to the boulangerie in the morning.  See what a mental journey does for your outlook and peace of mind!

Here’s a very inviting cottage I found on Airbnb with all of that appeal yet an hour by train from Paris. The park-like setting is in the area of the Forêt de Rambouillet, a tranquil and appealing place to right that definitive novel?

Seems to me like a delightful mix of country calm and City of Light excitement!

rambouillet park

Overlooking the park in Epernon

Care to join me for lunch on the terrace?  Or a visit to Château de Rambouillet?

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