An Invitation to Classic Good Taste

Normandy France

“My French Country Home” in Normandy

When you find a treasure that nurtures little moments in your days, you should share it with others.  So, we introduce a serene blog, one with classic taste and subtlety, one that shares passions for nature and … antiques!  Some of us wander through life without clear ideas about ‘what we really want’, much less develop plans for achieving our goals.

Take the time to read My French Country Home, and you will discover a family with the good fortune to have realized and nurtured their dreams from an appealing country home in Normandy.  The site includes many treats – pleasant anecdotes about life in the country, interesting Brocante Tours, lovely details about their verdant gardens and a profile of their charming rental cottage.

From the Vallée de l’Eure, they have lived their idyllic life, raised four children and immersed themselves in the activities they love.  And that humble satisfaction shines through their photos, their décor, their gardens and day-to-day blog posts.

On a more practical ‘it’s-all-about-me’ note, you have to love someone so enticed by brocantes!   Someone who understands how a simple brocante treasure can warm the corner of a room or enhance the taste of breakfast served on colorful antique pottery.

brocantes in France

Brocante tambourine painting

Don’t take our word for the ambience of My French Country Home.  See for yourself, and who knows?  You may well spend a week in their cottage in Normandy and discover the path to your own dreams.

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