Le Mesturet - Paris auberge

Authentic Bistro in Belle Époque Paris

Le Mesturet - Paris auberge

Le Mesturet – Paris auberge

Naturally wandering about elegant Paris stimulates your appetite.  After you step through Palais Royale and feast your eyes on the mosaic charms of the Galerie Vivienne passage, perhaps it’s the perfect moment to discover quite the authentic French bistro for dining in Paris.

Today’s choice, ladies and gentlemen, is Le Mesturet  on rue de Richelieu in the 2nd arrondissement.  Actually, this warm, lively restaurant is a favorite with our Parisian friends, who love the authentic French cuisine and traditional hospitality.  Think clever décor (many suspended wine bottles), engaging service and home style French cooking – like the asperges in rich Mousseline Sauce shown here.

le mesturet- asperges

Asperges a la Mousseline

I’ve one question.  Is it really fair that Parisians have so many choices each and every day?  Je ne sais pas.  This delightful bistro most definitely makes our “must” list for all future visits to the City of Light.

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