Avignon’s Summer Music/Arts Festival

Avignon France

Papal Palace, Avignon

The region of Provence lays claim to some of the loveliest cities of France, and Avignon stands as a beacon among those cities. Even though friends warned us not to visit during the summer music festival, we threw caution to the wind and joined the riotous fun of characters roaming the streets promoting theatre performances, faux wedding parties, mimes and music – a virtual circus of activity with the whimsical joy of a summer celebration in France. It’s a fantastic time and place to choose your café seat and watch the larger-than-life scenes roll by.

As the crowds thinned, the remarkable beauty of the city emerged once again. Stone ramparts encircle the city of magnificent architecture and art, broad avenues and tiny streets; until you arrive at the imposingly beautiful medieval fortress and home-away-from-home Palace of the Popes. From the fortress you will see the famous ruins of the Pont d’Avignon over the Rhône River. Whether you choose off-season quiet or mid-summer festivities, Avignon is a must-see stop in your discovery of France.

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Avignon Festival

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