Awaken to Color in Civray

Colorful Montgolfier “Alarm Clock”

Imagine with me for a moment.  You are in a lovely vacation rental in the peaceful countryside of Civray-de-Touraine, just down the road from the magnificent Chenonceau castle.  You are in that pleasant awakening stage, not asleep, but enjoying a few moments more of the quiet morning, before setting out about your day.

You hear a whooshing sound.  “What in the world?” you wonder and hear the sound again.  Time to investigate.  You go to the window, only to see a brightly colored hot-air balloon, rising ever so slowly above the trees.  What a gorgeous sight – clear blue skies, quaint country cottage, dew still resting on the lawn.  Such a wonderful “alarm clock” to awaken you for another day of exploring the French countryside!

And, by the way, the word for hot-air balloon in French is Montgolfier, so named for the brothers who invented the colorful contraption in the 16th century.  Merci beaucoup Messieurs Joseph et Jacques!

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