Authentic Bistro in Belle Époque Paris

Le Mesturet - Paris auberge

Naturally wandering about elegant Paris stimulates your appetite.  After you step through Palais Royale and feast your eyes on the mosaic charms of the Galerie Vivienne passage, perhaps it’s the perfect moment to discover quite the authentic French bistro for dining in Paris. Today’s choice, ladies and gentlemen, is Le Mesturet  on rue de Richelieu […]

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Big Cheese in a Little French Village

Next month a soft celebration will happen in France.  Mais oui – this is the only time of year the remarkable Mont d’Or cheese (Golden Peak – also called Vacherin Mont d’Or ) is available.  For those who lament the onset of cooler weather, many balance their feelings by embracing autumn with a quick trip to their favorite cheese shop.  Alas, they […]

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