Charming Village – Roussillon, France

Roussillon France

Chanteuse in Roussillon’s  square

Tucked off a road east of Avignon, Roussillon is one of the most enchanting Provençal villages I have had the good fortune to visit.  In fact, this captivating town and its magnificent surrounding landscapes exude the “good life” of outdoor beauty and colorful village life.

The colors – magnificent!  They capture you immediately in a stunning mix of deep reds, golden yellows and bright blue and green shuttered accents along the cobbled streets.   The rich colors come in no small part because of the hillside landscape and former ochre mines.

Each visit offers a unique experience – a quaint chanteuse in the village square, as we picnic nearby, a walk in the ochre-colored hills, a glass of wine, a visit to the vibrant shops.  Such simple moments amidst this appealing locale return to the ‘memory landscape’ over and over – well worth the tiny detour!!

Roussillon vibrant colors

Stunning Roussillon shops

This video captures the history of ochre mines, as well as the vivid colors of Roussillon.

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