Christmas Markets of Colmar

Christmas market by Roessselmann fountain, designed by the sculptor Bartholdi - © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

You can be sure there’s a buzz about the city of Colmar right now, as the city prepares to launch their renowned Christmas season.  Against the backdrop of half-timbered buildings and Alsatian charm, Colmarians turn the entire city into fairytale magic, illuminating and decorating the historic Old Town and city center.

Thousands of visitors make the journey each year to immerse themselves in the Yuletide festivities and, particularly, to enjoy shopping in Colmar’s five unique Christmas markets – one completely devoted to children. Can’t you just imagine the scents of gingerbread and cider?

From late November through December, residents and visitors immerse themselves in the historic Markets, enjoying a warm mug of spiced wine and shopping for artisan gifts. For centuries, Colmar merchants have spread their colorful wares through four city squares. The aroma of roasting chestnuts fill the cobbled streets, while shoppers mix their serious search for Yuletide gifts with quai-side walks and visits to museums. It’s the perfect plan for jump-starting your Joyeux Noël!

Colmar celebrates life throughout the year with jazz, cinema and folk festivals, four museums, two theatres and an annual book fair.  About as far east in France without setting foot on German or Swiss soil; Colmar engulfs you in a distinctly Franco-German atmosphere, brimming with Alsatian charm, “Little Venice” waterways, old-world history and priceless art. There’s color everywhere – peach, soft green, coral and yellow, ancient houses leaning this way and that.

The mediaeval district called “Little Venice” – © ATOUT FRANCE/Jean François Tripelon-Jarry

Tomorrow, we’ll continue our Colmar tour with a visit to two renowned sites – the Bartholdi and Unterlinden Museums.  À bientôt…..

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