Delightful Memories of France

Loire Valley hamlet in France

Wheat in the windows welcomes us to the Loire Valley

One of the lovely things about travel is the memories you tuck away, special nuggets you can resurrect when tough circumstances mar your day.  And so it was with one captivating weekend with friends in the Loire Valley.

Our days and nights were filled with such peace and harmony – gorgeous countryside sights, visits to little hamlets and communes, delightful meals and warm conversation and the ever-present charm of France.  One night in particular often comes to mind.

We gathered around a table under the stars.  The outdoor fire simmered in anticipation of cooking our entrees, and we shared warmed chevre appetizers and wine.  We walked down the driveway under a huge canopy of stars, more stars than we had ever seen.  You need only get away from city lights and noise to appreciate the quiet beauty of the world.

Sun setting over the pristine Loire Valley

Quiet and calm of a Loire Valley sunset

Now, when I can’t sleep or a challenge faces me, I think of the calm pleasure of that evening and give thanks for our opportunities to travel.

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