Dining with Friends in Paris

Personal preparation of mojitos

Back in 2005, we enjoyed the trip of a lifetime, one that we will forever be grateful to have experienced.  After spending a few weeks in Paris, we raced westward through the countryside on the TGV from Paris to Bordeaux for the deuxième étage (the second stage) of our adventure.  The sky was gray, the fields gold, stripped of their wheat and strewn with newly-rolled haystacks.

Our life in Paris and environs has been plentiful, filled with friends, new experiences, everyday chores and an unending newness to each day.  Last night, we hosted our friends at Aux Trois Oliviers, a bright, down-to-earth but tasteful avant-garde restaurant near Palais Royale.  Voila, one Olivier tells us.  We must begin with the best Mojito in Paris.  A Cuban drink, it is.  We watch, as he places fresh mint and lime wedges in small glasses, then crushes them with a pestle.  Rum and champagne come next…

Leo’s fish is a work of art, complete with head.  Philippe and I have our pots of stew, full of aromas and each steaming pot enough for four.  Mine is a Provençal dish a bit like bœuf bourguignon.  Once again I notice that you bring the ‘party’ with you … or not.  In this warm intimate restaurant, the couple next to us sat like stones, neither smiling, talking nor even eating their dinners.  We bantered with our hosts and felt very much at home, as if indeed, we were guests at the family table.

Poisson Aux Trois Oliviers

And that is a lesson that returns to us over and over again, at home and abroad.  Take your joy with you and spread it around.  We’ve seen many beautiful sights, but it is the people we meet that add the authentic dimension to our travel.

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