Provencal Colors

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Seine Flooding

Seine Flooding

First, since we are talking France Daily Photo, you see the condition of the Seine today in Paris – mon Dieu! We have never seen this type of flooding and would be so saddened to miss our walks along the river, by the bateaux, overlooking the river traffic. Hopefully, after tomorrow, the water will subside; but the city definitely has taken notice to have plans in place for the protection of buildings, art and more.

Now, where have I been? So many of you have asked quite kindly and expressed chagrin at missing my often-daily postings. Many answers to that question! As with most people in life, the rhythm runs well at times and slower at others.

Provencal Colors

Provencal Colors

And I’ve many projects underway … from creating French-themed art (yes, please DO take a look here!), to serving marketing clients, to ‘fostering’ a Facebook group I initiated – France Fanatics, to keeping up with friends, family and everyday life. So there – see how much we share in common? Oh, and I have resumed work on a novel I started ten years ago? Ten? Can’t rush creativity, can we?

Fired Up cover

Part travel guide, part whimsical vignettes

You may or may not know that along the way, I realized a tender dream in writing a book that is part travel guide but as much a potpourri of warm vignettes about my favorite city – Fired Up for France: The Promise of Paris. Oui, apparently I haven’t the gift for creating short, zippy titles, yet I have appreciated the many comments about my book resonating with you, pointing the way toward new experiences and relishing shared moments of gourmand memories in Paris.

Another of my projects involved making the printed book available for quick access by offering an e-book format – yet another labor of love. My tomes also are available in my little ‘brocante-style’ shop on line.

I’d love to circle back for a moment to tell you about the wonderful group that makes up “France Fanatics” – now with over 2,000 members. Again, I hear from so many about the warm connections they make on Facebook in our group, and that is not by accident. We all share a deep love of France, and we have purposefully held to very positive guidelines – aren’t there enough negative outlets in the world? Apparently so, as our members continue to relish an oasis in which they can share favorite sites and photos, recommend restaurants, answer member questions about driving or developing their itinerary for a planned trip. We have gained so much from one another!

Paris sailboats

Sailing into Spring at the Tuileries – Paris

Chinaillon France

Alpine hills around Chinaillon

French Riviera

The rocky, pine-filled coast

I share a few snapshots of gorgeous French moments and wish you a year filled with – hopefully – fine French travel and abundant memories of trips past. As always, I welcome your comments, suggestions and questions – contact me, s’il vous plait!

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