Brittany, France

French Cuisine Lures Visitors to France

Paris crepes

Flavorful French Crepe on the go

Really?  Would people really visit France for the cuisine?  Perhaps they wouldn’t be so narrow in defining their reasons for travel to France; but nail down their dominant memories, and I promise you dining will be way up there.  Maybe the sheer beauty and stunning impact of the Eiffel Tower makes you ultra hungry for lunch.  Or maybe a relaxing day among the roses and boat-sailing youngsters in the Tuileries stimulates a hearty appetite for dinner.

And that’s just Paris, where your choices run from a simple baguette and coffee in the morning to a fresh, rotisseried chicken at lunch:  from a hand-held crepe filled with delicious ham, cheese, flavorful oil and tomatoes to a delicate soufflé along rue de Mont-Thabor – Paris offers every taste imaginable.

Memories of dining throughout France are delightfully vivid.  I can’t help but compare it to golf, the marvelous game that allows you to remember specific shots years beyond the afternoon tee time – the oddly-chosen five wood from the sandy lake shore that glides beneath tree limbs to land on the green.

Brittany, France

Imagine fresh fish entrees by the Atlantic

And so it is with dining in France.  Joining with locals at a wayfarer-style inn across from a castle, the creamed chicken and vegetables were simple fare but oh-so-good.  Dining at Le Café Epicerie in Lyon, where the gourmet cuisine was exquisite and the table decorations contemporary and elegant.Next to the carousel on Montmartre, we enjoyed an enormous Niçoise salade.  Overlooking the Atlantic, Coquilles Saint-Jacques was the chosen dish.  In Chinaillon Savoyarde cuisine reigned – fabulous fondues and gratinees.

And French wines?  An entirely new subject.  One is never at a loss to find the perfect wine to go with your dinner or pique-nique.

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