French Gifts Say J’Taime!

Paris poupee

Relaxing with her friends!

Mother’s Day and Father’s Day are just around the corner, not to mention graduation nears and probably early summer weddings. As you might imagine, I love gifting French … to please the recipient and to offer a bit of my unique ‘signature’.

Locally and to our internet friends, we are always happy to recommend a visit to My French Neighbor. It is our delightful, go-to source for gourmet mustards and jams, olive oils, charming key holders and home décor accessories.

Pastorelli ceramics

Marie Pastorelli jewelry

And here are a few suggestions from “Le Grenier aux Jouets” – Toys in the Attic, where shopping is quick and easy with free shipping and PayPal. Traditional French poupee dolls come to life and spread their French spirit to any lucky owner. Dressed in colorful fabrics and topped with chapeaus that would rival the Royal Wedding, the seed-filled dolls are wonderful accents that can be arranged “just so” in serendipitous poses. There are even a couple of chairs, so they can gather for a chat or glass of wine!

Paris France

Fabulous Poupee chair!

Notecards, a few pieces of jewelry, photographic prints … just the sorts of things you might come across in that mysterious attic.   Enjoy shopping for your loved ones and special friends! When it matters to you that your gift crawls inside the spirit of your friend or family member … and when you want those gifts to be authentically French, take the time to search out suppliers from all sources. Large or small, from little lavender soaps to handsome notebooks, your special attention to ‘gifting’ will not go unnoticed.

Paris France

Maxim’s bistro set

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