Aix – Fresh from the Farm

Vibrant marketplace colors, Aix-en-Provence

Don’t we all love marchés?

Filled with ambient warmth, there’s an abundance of food, flowers and friendship in the marketplaces of cities and hamlets throughout the country.  In a riot of color, vegetables and flowers compete for best in class.  Potatoes and tomatoes and thick, strong leeks pave the way to exotic white asparagus, petite radishes, raspberries, and melons – the selection is endless.  Rotisseries fill the air with roasting chickens, and the line is several deep to purchase just-the-right cheese.

Imagine a simple butter-salt-pepper addition to slow-steamed vegetables!  Or dollops of crème fraiche over black raspberries from the French countryside.  This day in Aix-en-Provence, naturally we pick a flavorful Gruyère de Comté to enjoy with our artisan bread.  It’s really no surprise that we talk of dinner, while eating our lunch!

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