Joyeux Noël

Christmas past along the Champs Elysées

We look forward to this magical day….church at 4:30, preparing the Christmas Eve meal, sneaking about to get stockings ready and gifts under the tree.  Everyone we love is in our hearts, those on this earth and those in heaven, those nearby and those too far away.  Our hearts reach out to hug each and every family member and friend.

And, by the way, if you haven’t seen the wonderful film “Joyeux Noël”, make it a point to watch this incredible movie.  It takes place on Christmas during World War I, when French, Scottish and German troops huddle in their snowy trenches.  It is then that the love and magic of Christmas touches each and every one of them.

We wish you a joyous season and a heartfelt “Joyeux Noël”.

Happy Holidays and beautiful memories to all of our fellow Francophiles!



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