King Louis XVI Computer – Paris?


Chirita-Paris gold-plated Empire computer

Neiman Marcus has done it for years.  That is, they have produced absurdly extravagant holiday Christmas Books offering everything from a $250,000 original mahogany speedboat to a $395,000 Ferrari FF with leather luggage to match the interior.  Naturally, there are a few items priced for – hmmm – the 53% of us, who may actually have a few bucks for holiday shopping.

Now our friend in Paris has sent us a delightful video that transcends even NM’s fantasy gifts.  We almost could hear her laughing, as we watched the You Tube video from Al Arabiya TV.  And therein was introduced an inspired Louis XVI gold-plated computer.  Yes.  You read that correctly.

The imaginative creator is Georges Chirita, who explained, “It may look pretty, but it’s not just for show.”  Undeniably, the ultra-flashy computer is nothing short of gorgeous, but the high-tech part includes first-rate innovative components.  Actually, Monsieur Chirita has designed three royal styles – King Louis XV, King Louis XVI and King Empire – that’s the one I think I’m partial to!

At a 17,000 Euro price tag ($21,000), who in the world is extending a Platinum Card?  It seems that European royalty head the customer line-up, as well as Chinese and Middle Eastern purchasers with a penchant for elegant technology.  Can’t you just imagine any French king, well-coiffed and immaculately attired, sitting down to his golden tech bling?


A rather stunning monitor, don’t you think?

One thing you now can imagine is Her Highness Queen Elizabeth II downloading photos of her children and grandchildren on her very own gold-plated USB key.  It was a thoughtful gift to the Queen for her Diamond Jubilee this year.

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