Nuit Blanche – “White Night” in Paris

Nuit Blanche 2008 - Collège des Bernardins. Cistercian Order. © ATOUT FRANCE/Fabian Charaffi

Leave it to Paris to put a delightful spin on the proverbial “all nighter”.  Last night, the arts scene came to life with the 10th annual celebration of Paris Nuit Blanche, a popular and festive mix of art and culture throughout the “City of Light”.

From the Hotel de Ville to numerous Paris galleries and distinct locales, the contemporary art extravaganza was themed around “Time”, and visitors enjoyed creative light shows, artistic performances and musical concerts – all night, all free.

Generally, visitors adopt an avant garde approach, choose a couple of prime areas for performances and exhibits and simply meander through the district to take in the expected … and the unexpected.

The 2011 Paris Nuit Blanche performances and art installations centered around four primary locales (with a sampling of events and exhibits):

Nuit Blanche 2009 in Paris on the Pont Saint-Louis – ©ATOUT FRANCE/Fabian Charaffi-L.E.D.,Concept Balestra Berlin, We Love Art-Samsung, LED

Hotel de Ville  – “Purple Rain” at the Hôtel d’Albret in the 4th – Inspired by Prince’s 1984 hit, artist Pierre Ardouvin invites visitors to a hypnotic walk in purple rain, umbrella in hand.

Batignolles-Pigalle – The work of 10 Fine Arts students and 2 artists, Wall Street Gears of Rome projects enormous images against the gable walls of 82 and 85 rue de Rome.

“La Nouvelle Athenes“- Saint Georges – Japanese artist Sachiko Abe performs “Cut Papers” in the atrium of the ESMOD school.

Montmartre –  Renaud Auguste-Dormeuil’s “I will keep a light burning” used hundreds of candles to transform the Square Louis Michel at the foot of the Sacre Coeur Basilica into” the night sky that earthlings will see 100 years in the future.”

If you have friends or family in Paris, you might wait until later in the day to call them for their recollections of the night.  The event ran throughout the night until 7 this morning, so a little rest might be on the horizon for fortunate participants.

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