“Paris à l’infini” – Nuit Blanche

Golden light pours over the Seine in Paris

Imagine all night, all free, all eclectic Paris on Nuit Blanche

Tomorrow – the first Saturday in October. Even in warmer-than-usual weather, the air is starting to cool at night in New England. And in the South, at least the mornings haven’t stored up the heat from yesterday’s near-90-degree heat. Still, it’s the first Saturday in October.

That means thoughts are turning to fall vegetables and craft fairs, school Oktoberfests and the beginnings of Christmas shopping. The first Saturday in October in Paris holds something altogether different – Nuit Blanche. This year’s theme – “Paris à l’infini” – “Between the Sky and the Seine”. The popular annual festival offers an all night, all free host of creative events, and always seems to dig deeper for unusual experiences to entertain visitors and locals.

Panoramic views take center stage tomorrow night, when fifteen of Paris’ tallest buildings (no – not the Eiffel Tower) invites you to see the city from vantage points not usually accessible. Among those special ‘perches’ are the Pierre and Marie Curie University, the terrace of Tour Morland, a 9th floor room at the Institut du Monde Arable and the 18th floor of the 18th floor of the François Mitterrand Library.

At les Halles, cars and weighty materials will be suspended from worksite cranes to resemble a Calder-like mobile. Performing and creative artists throughout the city create moments meant to illuminate the “Parisian Experience”, and we would be headed directly for the riverbanks of the Seine. Dance companies will transform the banks with striking choreography and Woody Allen-like celebrations of the vivacious city.

The illusory nature of time will be projected at Chaillot National Theatre, and the very notion of ‘white’ will be explored. Oh all of those creative minds are so busy to entertain throughout the night in tribute to the arts. In the words of Nuit Blanche organizers, “It is an invitation to conquer public spaces, open doors of contemporary buildings, discover the masterpieces of the industrial heritage, rush into the elevators of university towers.”

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