Péniche Le Marcounet

PARIS! Péniche Le Marcounet

Péniche Le Marcounet

Péniche Le Marcounet

I have missed sharing my love of France in general and – mais oui – Paris in particular.  Work and life simply get in the way sometimes, but here we go. Let’s share a lovely smaller dose of the joy, the life, the color of Paris.

My son recently visited the City of Light for the first time in his life, and how privileged he was to have our very best friends as his tour guides.  Among their many adventures – sharing an early evening on the Seine at Péniche Le Marcounet.

Talk about the epitome of joie de vivre!  This lovely, lively party bateau parks along the quai of the Hotel de Ville. Near Pont Marie on the right bank of the Seine, it captures your spirit with  terraces, bars, fireplace and ultra-friendly crews.  This truly is one of the most perfect places in Paris to immerse your soul in joy.  Live music and dancing along the quai seem to be de rigeur, as you enjoy your wine and tapas.

That Paris magic simply gives you permission to let go of your shyness and yield to life!



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