Returning to Roussillon

Roussillon's dramatic ochre quarry

One of the great appeals of Roussillon are the ochre mines below the village, with curious rock formations and splashes of white, orange and red soil and rock mixtures.  But it seems less ochre and more “magnet” that lures us, as we don’t seem to be able to visit the Luberon without stopping in Roussillon.

At most, though, we spend a couple of hours browsing through shops, sightseeing and picking a scenic outdoor café for lunch.  The entire village seems ablaze with the ochre and rust colors and colorful accents, beautiful flowers and shaded cafes.

On our next visit, we’ll change our travel strategy to stay in the small village rather than in a larger city like Avignon.  We want to feel the quiet descend over the village, as nightfall nears.  We’ve found the perfect place – Le Clos de la Glycine in the heart of the village, with lovely rooms overlooking the valley.  We’ll choose one with our own private terrace and panoramic view, the perfect spot to begin our day with breakfast.

The shops and galleries and winding village lanes are wonderful to explore, filled with bright baskets and pottery and lazy cats curled in the shade of a windowsill. We’ll stop on the square at the top by the Church of Saint-Michel, where we once spread our picnic to watch over the lively Hotel de Ville square.

Quaint and colorful village in the Luberon

On a Saturday, when household chores beckon and projects loom in the week ahead, I can’t think of a better trip to imagine and plan.

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