Montlouis-sur-Loire Charles De Gaulle France

“Scrapbook” of Montlouis-sur-Loire

Loire Valley France - Montlouis-sur-Loire

A pictorial ‘scrapbook’ of Montlouis-sur-Loire

Sometimes unique little features of places are the things you remember – totally unplanned moments that surface without a hint.  Once we stopped by a town near Toulouse, only to find it seemingly abandoned – not a sign of life nor a soul to be seen on the streets.  Then, we rounded a corner to a lively “pressed dirt” square (as so many paths in France seem to be).  Beneath the plane trees around the square, the whole town was involved in a lively pétanque tournament – either as a participant or as a wholeheartedly enthusiastic (and biased) spectator.

On another occasion, we headed along the Loire River from Amboise en route to Vouvray.  Just before reaching our destination, a little riverside commune captured our attention.  The entry was so pretty, lined with plane trees and old stone walls.  Here and there, ‘troglodyte’-like caves either were converted homes or were tasting caves for the many excellent wines produced in the region.

The town was Montlouis-sur-Loire, and we felt the urge to park and look around.  We happened upon an unusual, small communal area.  A board contained all sorts of photographs of events, homes, people and festivals, seemingly from many eras.  One photo featured a visit from President Charles De Gaulle, certainly a monumental occasion for a relatively small town.  Who knows?  Perhaps he was paying a visit to his first Prime Minister of the Fifth Republic, Michel Debre, who had a home in Montlouis-sur-Loire.

Montlouis-sur-Loire Charles De Gaulle France

French President Charles De Gaulle

Our short visit to this central village ‘scrapbook’ seemed to encircle us with the lives and history of the residents.
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