Sunset Over La Turballe – Brittany

Sunset over La Turballe in Brittany

Sunset over La Turballe in Brittany

A unique dream materialized for us, when we visited La Turballe on the West coast of France.  We happened upon this charming coastal town about 7:00 at night and found a quaint restaurant overlooking the sea.  In August “night” doesn’t fall until well after 9:00 p.m., so the ville was still alive with beach walkers and tourists strolling along the harbor.

“I’ve always wanted to see the sun set over the Atlantic,” my husband said.  We had seen the opposite for much of our lives.

My husband spent much of his youth along Jacksonville Beach, where surfing followed hotly-contested tennis matches.  I also lived many years along the Atlantic Ocean in the relaxed beach atmosphere of New Smyrna.  Ask any beach resident, and they will tell you to be sure to watch the sun rise over the Atlantic, when bright sun beams spread across the water to land at your feet.

La Turballe view over the town and harbor

La Turballe view over the town and harbor

Now, after a satisfying meal of fresh-from-the-sea Coquilles Saint Jacques, we watched the sun slowly dip into the Atlantic, setting the sky on fire and spreading a cool blanket of darkness over the beach  The experience, of course, was stunningly beautiful, but there was an upending element, as well. 

After a lifetime of seeing sunrises over this huge body of water, we saw the opposite.  Would we next see the moon rise in the morning, and the sun rise at night?

Sometimes that’s the gift travel offers you – a chance to see the world and life from a new perspective.

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  1. I, too, am a Floridian. Never even thought about the west/Atlantic thing! Now I have to go. Thanks for the tip.

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