Two Unique Paths – Cézanne & Verne

La Maison_de_jules_verne, Amiens France

A little musing today about famous French men who followed their own dreams.  I suppose parents run the gamut in guiding their children in career directions.  The child’s interest.  Financial rewards.  Respected professions.  Family traditions.  Two renowned French men (among many others, I’m sure) disregarded their fathers’ guidance to seek entirely different career paths than those desired by well-intentioned […]

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Pont-Aven – “14 Watermills, 15 Houses”

A charming “tag” for a very appealing place.  That’s how the petite village of Pont-Aven was described in the 19th century – definitely a lovely hamlet known for watermills and a thriving port.  Today the river Aven surges down the Black Mountains and crosses through the village before flowing past  fertile farms to the Atlantic Ocean. The watermills helped […]

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