Dordogne Basin – UNESCO Biosphere Honors

Dordogne River Basin Honored by UNESCO

For the past two days, the dynamic Tour de France of 2017 has taken cyclists and viewers throughout the revered Dordogne area and the Massif Central, where volcanic landscapes showcase lush forests and are covered with wildflowers each Spring.  Today, Le Tour race ended in the latter in the enchanting city of Le Puy-du-Velay. UNESCO […]

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Big Cheese in a Little French Village

Next month a soft celebration will happen in France.  Mais oui – this is the only time of year the remarkable Mont d’Or cheese (Golden Peak – also called Vacherin Mont d’Or ) is available.  For those who lament the onset of cooler weather, many balance their feelings by embracing autumn with a quick trip to their favorite cheese shop.  Alas, they […]

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Fishing Cabanes along the Gironde

Where the Dordogne and Garonne Rivers come together in Charente Maritime, the Gironde estuary is formed – a vast waterway that hugs the shores of the famous Bordeaux vineyards to the west and ultimately flows into the Atlantic Ocean.  We wander westward from our little chambre d’hote (guesthouse room) in the interior, turning here and […]

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