The Art of ‘Gifting’ French!

Pylones Body Sponge from Paris - whimsical gifts

Charlie chose Pylones Body Sponge from Paris

Our daughter-in-law is one of those special people who quietly observes and listens to absorb what you really like and enjoy.  And on gift-giving occasions, she searches for those ideal treasures – large or small – that make you smile and feel her hug.

She has passed on her gift to our grandson Charlie, who saw Pylones colorful body scrubber and instantly chose it for me.  When I think of French gifts, I have a cupboard full of ideas from lovely French faïence on an Ebay listing to gorgeous and enticing Poupée dolls, stylish coffee mugs from Paris museums … and Pylones (pronounced pea-lone).

We first discovered this whimsical world of color just steps from our vacation apartment rental on Montmartre.  We simply could not step past the window display without stepping in for a visit.  This is where we bought our fun Christmas gifts – amusing bottle openers, wildly-designed business card holders, grape-shaped ice cube trays and très chic hair brushes.  Every item we chose sent a smile…and a wink from Paris.

Pylones – “éditeur d’objects à Paris” now has a USA division that simplifies ordering and, naturally, eliminates hefty shipping charges.  Founded in France in 1985, Pylones features thoughtful French designs and creative twists on everyday objects for the home, kitchen, office, playtime and even pets.  Indeed, if you should leave their store (or website) without smiling, you should call your analyst – immediately!

Pylones sugar pot - candy dish Paris France

Pylonnes sugar pot – Paris

I’ll leave you with a warm story about gift giving that has nothing to do with tapping my French sources.  When my daughter and son were quite young adults, I purchased some nice clothes and accessories I knew they would enjoy for Christmas.  Really, the list was completed, but I was depleted.  There was no “mom statement” in the equation.

So back out I went in search of “je ne sais quoi”!  I found two empty ostrich eggs – yes empty, lustrous, large and beautiful.  Would any other twenty-something receive an ostrich egg for Christmas!  My son did the ‘eye-roll-what-in-the-world, Mom! thing.  My daughter has cradled her egg through every move (girls kinda’ get it maybe more than guys).  The fact is neither of them will ever forget the ostrich egg gift.  Hmmm.  So I guess it’s more about me?  C’est la vie!

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