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Nimes France Gallo-Roman

The fabulous Nimes Arena

“The Triumph of Caesar” is the special theme of The Great Roman Games to be held in Nîmes on the 4th and 5th of May.  This will be the 4th edition of the games, when visitors from all over Europe will see the entire city transformed to its Roman origins.  And for those planning a May trip to France, presales of tickets on the Internet are now open, with a 20% discount until 15 April (contact Director of the Arena, Michael at couzigou@arenes-nimes.com).

The historic re-enactment devoted to the Triumph of Caesar will take place in the spectacular Nîmes arena, where the Battle of Alesia will focus on the decisive clash between Caesar’s Roman legions and the Gauls led by Vercingetorix.  Prior to watching Caesar’s victory, spectators will enjoy the Pompa de l’Empereur (pomp of the Emperor), an elaborate procession in which the troops greet their audience. All sorts of conflicts take place during the games, from man fighting against wild animals to gladiators fighting one another on horseback. 

Roman games of Nimes

Processions through the streets of Nimes

Naturally history buffs are drawn to Nîmes to explore the Arena, the Maison Carrée temple and Magne Tower; but we enjoyed wandering the streets to visit galleries, sidewalk cafes, the colorful carousel and gourmet shops – a very warm and hospitable city!

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  1. I’ll show this to one of my 9th graders. He watched from afar (middle school) last year when “all roads led to Rome” in my class and your postings were such an inspiration!

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