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Aix en Provence

Triennes Rosé from Provence

Simple winemaking without the cosmetics.

Our son recently gave us a gift that yielded another – a bottle of delicate Triennes Rosé from the heart of Provence.   The added bonus?  Memories, appealing joyous memories of travel in southern France, of shaded river banks and cool sips of Provençal wine on warm summer days.

The Triennes Rosé is fresh,  satisfying and reasonable.  Just east of Aix-en-Provence, one of our favorite French cities, gently sloping hills are exposed to the South.  Situated a mere thirty kilometers from the Mediterranean, the lay of the land and mix of clay and limestone provide ideal conditions for Triennes’ wines.  The refreshing microclimate favors the acidity of Triennes wines and results in a variety of exceptional wines. I love the way they describe their process:  “We make our wines the way we like to drink them.”

Assuming you might want an opinion other than mine, let’s see how wine connoisseur’s describe this elegant wine –   70% Cinsault, 25% Grenache, and 5% Merlot ; night harvesting for temperature control; very pale in color and aromatic notes of citrus, raspberry and white pepper….elegant and fresh!

All of that descriptive, and my reaction was a simple, “Delicieux!”

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